Palestinian Sfiha Yaffawiyeh

By Chef Nahed Alfar These trays of deliciousness and authenticity are called Sfiha Yaffawiyeh, named after the city of Yaffa where my mother came from. Mum is well known for making the best Sfiha you can find. To me, this recipe represents amazing food and good memories. Mum and I prepared these spiral meat pies,

Noor Alswaitti young talented Athlete is the winner of the Danish International Taekwondo championship which took place in Copenhagen.

Chief Editor, Kaied Ghiyatha – London UK Saturday 24th August 2019, Noor Alswaitti, Taekwondo champion of Palestinian origin participated in the Danish International Taekwondo championship that is taking place in Copenhagen this weekend. The competition attracted athletes from all over the WORLD including teams from Egypt, Morocco, India and other European countries. Noor fought extremely