Imtithal Elnajjar

Imtithal Elnajjar, a writer, journalist and activist in the Palestinian and Arab issues, in particular; Women Rights. Imtithal is also a member of the Feminist Party in Norway. Volunteer and participant in a number of charitable organisations. Imtithal is based in Oslo, Norway.

Hafiza Ibrahim

Hafiza Ibrahim has a BA degree in Education, Social and Cultural Studies and a degree in creative writing. She is a great Poet, Community Social Development activitist. Advocate for Women Rights. Palestinian Refugee. Hafiza lives in London UK.

Nahed Alfar

Nahed Alfar, specialist Chef of Palestine Cuisine. Nahed hold a degree in English literature and Politics. Also a Master degree in English Linguistics and Communucation. She works as a freelance Translator and for the British Government. She has experience in finance and Banking. Nahed is the main Editor of her Facebook and Instagram page Cooking.journey.