Service is similar to product when it comes to Reliability; this is also like the fact that a scale should consistently reflect the construct it is measuring.

Accuracy &Precision

The News performance management is all about being subjective to reach true value, so we must be accurate.


Top down or down top communication, is not a matter. We care about using the right tool in the right time for quick and clear communications.


Teamwork is not only between Palestine Issue Magazine’s writers and other employees, but also Palestine Issue Magazine and its suppliers and readers which lead to effectiveness and efficiency in the service delivered at the end.

Continuous Improvement

The aspiration and capability ofPalestine Issue Magazineto develop the human capital of it as long as the services handled to the readers.

Creativity & Technology

Coping with all new creative tools used to support News solutions, specially the nano technology and smart phones applications.

Develop People

The nonstop need to improve Palestine Issue Magazine human capital, including, succession planning, career mapping and training