COVID19 Patient describes her horrific experience with Corona virus.

By Hafiza Ibrahim PAINPain controls my veinsDigging inside my body and soulPain!! pulsing like a sudden urgeCrushing and shoving my energyDiscouraging every breath of air… My head feels heavySpinning green phosphor imagesDancing around inside my eyelidsDarkness seeping all over me like a heavy cloudSuffocating me by the throatI stifle a moan… Pain, splintering my musclesThreatening,

Autumn is a beautiful month

By Hafiza Ibrahim Outside our small safe place |I hear wind whisper Thick grey Clouds hug the sun And rub its soft aurora Trees cry out their leaves which descend Like a reed shaken by the wind Trickles of rain mist the windowpane… Wind blows golden leaves And spins them and spreads them inside my