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COVID19 Patient describes her horrific experience with Corona virus.

By Hafiza Ibrahim

Pain controls my veins
Digging inside my body and soul
Pain!! pulsing like a sudden urge
Crushing and shoving my energy
Discouraging every breath of air…

My head feels heavy
Spinning green phosphor images
Dancing around inside my eyelids
Darkness seeping all over me like a heavy cloud
Suffocating me by the throat
I stifle a moan…

Pain, splintering my muscles
Threatening, slithering, swaying and stirring me up
I role up and down my motionless bed
Thudded, toppled and collided …
I feel weak
Unable to push away the excessive pain
Approaching its sword chops at my throat
Pressing and squeezing my soul out
Screaming obscenities
Dominating heaps of sharp soreness.

I clinch my shivering knuckles
To reach out the window for fresh air,
Expending considerable effort
To control the loose circle of my jerked steps
I lose my grip

My starved body going limp
Annoying tickle of sweat
Rolling down from my hair line
My eyes narrowed
My weary face betraying deep sadness
I stumble with mute agony…

Unexpected numbing dread seizes me
Piercing howl explodes from my dry mouth
A thundering rumble came from the deepest me
Desperate to send out a cry:
“It hurts inside”.