Another Gold medal for the Taekwando Champion “Noor Alswaitti” at the British International Open Taekwando Competition 2019.

Chief Editor, Kaied Ghiyatha – London UK; Sunday 14th July 2019, Noor Alswaitti, Taekwondo champion of Palestinian/ Portuguese origin continue to excel and won another Gold medal today at the British International Open Taekwondo Competition. Noor displayed an excellent performance during this competition. He finished at the top for his age group and won a

Noor Alswaitti – Palestinian Taekwondo champion won a Silver medal at the London Kixstar Open Championship

Chief Editor, Kaied Ghiyatha – London UK Saturday 29th June 2019, Noor Alswaitti, Taekwondo champion who is British from a Palestinian origin participated in the London Kixstar Open Taekwondo Competition and gave an excellent display. Noor played for his club, Superiors Taekwondo club and fought a number of players. He qualified and reached the final.

VPM Qurban 2023

VPM is pleased to announce that QURBAN FOR PALESTINE 2023 is now open. Your generosity and solidarity is highly appreciated. Whole Cow (380~400kgs): RM9,4501/7 of a Cow: RM1,350 Whole Sheep (45~50kgs): RM1,800 We also accept SADAQAH of ANY AMOUNT. Please bank in your contributions to:PERTUBUHAN VIVA PALESTINA MALAYSIAMaybank 5-64324-601324 International donors and Credit Card via


BismillahirrahmanirrahimIn the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Assalamualaikum,We are pleased to inform that we have now commenced our annual campaign: RAMADHAN FOOD BASKET & IFTAR @PALESTINE 2023 RM200 will provide one food basket consisting of essential dry food items for one family plus 1 family set of hot meal (freshly cooked chicken &

Viva Palestina Malaysia Winter Project 2021

Our annual WINTER PROJECT is back. Together we can keep them warm this winter. We are targeting to provide:PERTUBUHAN VIVA PALESTINA MALAYSIAMaybank Account: 5-64324-601324International Donors via PayHalal on our website: Email: vpmalaysia@gmail.comMobile: +6011-21370569 (WhatsApp only)Instagram: vivapalestinamy Please note that ALL DONATIONS received from 1 November until 31 December 2021 will be channeled to this

Prickly Pears 🌵

By Nahed Alfar – South Wales. UK One of the treasures of the land of Palestine. The plant itself is rugged, versatile and uniquely pretty while its fruit are delicate and succulent! In Arabic, they’re called Sabr صبر which means patience; a core value held by the people there. It describes their resilience and adaptation