Marwan Motors in London UK

If you are in London UK and you need to repair your car, we can recommend Marwan Motors for you. The garage is based in the South East of London. The Garage can carry out MOT Testing. Servicing and Repairs. Brakes & Clutches. Vehicle Diagnostics and Air Conditioning. Please contact Nabil Yousfi using the following

Noor Alswaitti wins the 2nd place and a fine silver medal at the British National Taekwondo Championship 2019

Chief Editor, Kaied Ghiyatha – London UK Sunday 10th November 2019, the British Palestinian Taekwondo champion Noor Alswaitti competed in the British National Taekwondo Competition 2019, which was organised and took place in Manchester city in the UK. Noor gave an excellent display. He played in the name of Palestine for the first time in

Palestinian Sfiha Yaffawiyeh

By Chef Nahed Alfar These trays of deliciousness and authenticity are called Sfiha Yaffawiyeh, named after the city of Yaffa where my mother came from. Mum is well known for making the best Sfiha you can find. To me, this recipe represents amazing food and good memories. Mum and I prepared these spiral meat pies,