The Ember of Time

Is it the ember of  time that’s forcibly melted in us? or the trick of mirrors between reality and imagination? With my both hands I feel your absence… exactly the same I feel my body You once said “I will vanish behind the curtains of dreams” At that time…we didn’ believe you.. and we mocked you

When will the Targeting of Innocent Palestinian Civilians Striving for Success and Freedom stop!?

By Heba Melhem Since the founding of Israel back in 1948, the Palestinian people have endured beyond words suffering. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been displaced from their lands, villages, and cities, and thousands of innocent civilians were martyred due to continuous bombardment and military attacks. Many Palestinian families live under difficult conditions in

Book Review: 48 Palestinian – Short Stories

Foreword by Professor Jamal Assadi The book, 48 Palestinian Short Stories by Husam Issa Ramadan is not just a collection of translated stories by Palestinian writers. It represents a significant effort by Husam Ramadan and others involved in its production. The number “48” holds special significance as the year when Palestinians lost their homeland and