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When will the Targeting of Innocent Palestinian Civilians Striving for Success and Freedom stop!?

By Heba Melhem

Since the founding of Israel back in 1948, the Palestinian people have endured beyond words suffering. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been displaced from their lands, villages, and cities, and thousands of innocent civilians were martyred due to continuous bombardment and military attacks. Many Palestinian families live under difficult conditions in refugee camps, while other numerous cities and villages in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are besieged.

Past experiences and history have proven that the continuous harm Palestinian civilians which appear to be repeated by Israeli forces in various circumstances and times. Even significant occasions such as peaceful demonstrations or religious visits sometimes turn into humanitarian disasters due to the intervention of the Israeli army and its excessive use of force.

Recent reports highlight severe human rights violations Palestinians suffered from at the hands of Israeli authorities, such as arbitrary arrests, torture, and merciless use of live ammunition. Palestinian children are also subjected to horrifying treatment, becoming easy targets for Israeli security forces.

These painful experiences leave deep psychological and emotional effects on women and children, impacting their mental and physical health. They feel constant anxiety and fear of possible attacks, violence, and the loss of their loved ones, which affects their daily lives and restricts their freedom and safety. Furthermore, if the husband martyred, the widow bears the responsibilty of her children and herself under difficult and tough conditions.

It is evident that harming innocent Palestinian civilians violates international laws and global human rights. However, effective international efforts to prevent these aggressive practices appear to be almost unseen. Resolutions may be adopted by international organizations and the United Nations, but their actual excecution remains weak or they do not get implemented.

The question that arises now is: When will this humanitarian tragedy stop? Until when will the rights, freedom, and success of Palestinians remain violated? There must be a genuine and decisive action from the international community to prevent the continuation of these violations and ensure the rights of Palestinians.

On a humanitarian level, we all should raise awareness and show solidarity with the Palestinian people, shedding light on this tragedy. Discussion, understanding, and mutual respect can be powerful tools to change and to achieve peace.

Palestinian Media and Human Rights Specialist