Prickly Pears 🌵

By Nahed Alfar – South Wales. UK One of the treasures of the land of Palestine. The plant itself is rugged, versatile and uniquely pretty while its fruit are delicate and succulent! In Arabic, they’re called Sabr صبر which means patience; a core value held by the people there. It describes their resilience and adaptation

Covid-19 and High Blood pressure.

By Pharmacist Zareen Mushrafi – Based in London UK As this Covid-19 pandemic challenge presenting significant challenges for the world, I have chosen to discuss high blood pressure patients and the risk associated with Covid-19. Trying to prevent the risk of Covid-19 attack If someone has high blood pressure. It is a good idea to

Coronavirus Covid-19 and Diabetes

By Pharmacist, Zareen Mushrafi * London – UK Today during this Covid-19 time I felt it is important to share the information I have gathered while working with diabeteic patients and I have used the information from WHO and Diabetes Uk . I have just been qualified as a prescriber for diabetes as more and

Palestinian Sfiha Yaffawiyeh

By Chef Nahed Alfar These trays of deliciousness and authenticity are called Sfiha Yaffawiyeh, named after the city of Yaffa where my mother came from. Mum is well known for making the best Sfiha you can find. To me, this recipe represents amazing food and good memories. Mum and I prepared these spiral meat pies,