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Covid-19 and High Blood pressure.

By Pharmacist Zareen Mushrafi – Based in London UK
As this Covid-19 pandemic challenge presenting significant challenges for the world, I have chosen to discuss high blood pressure patients and the risk associated with Covid-19. Trying to prevent the risk of Covid-19 attack If someone has high blood pressure.

It is a good idea to take extra precaution during this Covid-19 outbreak anyone with high blood pressure.Research shows that patients with high blood presussure are more prone to get the following incidence:
*Get Covid-19.
*Get more symptoms.
*Die from Infection.

So to start with, I will explain the very basic knowledge of high blood pressure. Heart is a human organ which acts as pump blood throught the body via circulatory system and this helps to supply oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and remove the carbon dioxide and other wastes and blood pressure is the measure how strongly blood presses the artery walls when heart beats.

Having high blood pressure means that this measurement of pressure is consistantly high over prolonged period of time. That means heart has to work harder to pump enough blood in the the body. Over time, this extra work can weaken heart to the point where it can’t pump as much oxygen-rich blood to body.

As the time goes, extra work goes at the point where the pump can’t pump as much oxygen rich blood to the body as the heart is being damaged for over work.

Covid-19 can also damage the heart directly and if the heart is already weak beforehand from high blood pressure that makes the patient more at risk. Covid-19 may also cause myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle) whice make the heart difficult to pump the blood.

If the immune system is low and the person have high bloodpressure, he or she has higher risk of Covid-19 attack. Long term health condtions and aging makes the immune sytem low and then the body is less responsive to fight against Covid-19 virus.

Also, it has been predicted that the higher risk of Covid-19 attack does not only come from high blood pressure but it can also come from certain medication which has been used for treating high blood pressure eg: ACE inhibitor and angiotensin receptor blocked (ARBs).
As it is been well known fact that this Covid-19 virus appear to make most effective use of binding to human receptor ACE2.

This theory is basically based on the fact that both ACE inhibitor and ARBs raise levels of enzyme called ACE2 in the body and to infect cells the Covid-19 virus attach itself to ACE2.

However, this theory has not have any evidence yet as we have just been newly introduced to Covid-19. Therefore, American universtiry of cardiology recommended to continue taking the medication for blood pressure as prescribed because if the patient does not take the medication as prescribed it will raise the risk of heart attach and stroke.

So, please follow the following tips including social distancing and all the other safety measure you have already taken:

  • Make sure you have enough supply of 30 days for the regular prescription and over the counter medication
  • Make sure that all your vaccinations are up to date prticularly influenza and pneumonia. Be aware this vaccination will not prevent Covid-19 but becoming ill with these conditions will make the outcome worse if there is a Covid-19 attack.
    *Make sure you can use the technology (via phone or vedio conference) to communicate with doctor and stay home.
    *Arrange for delivery orders of restaurant meals, groceries or medications so you don’t have to leave your home.

Stay home, stay safe-Happy Monday from UK