Donate to us so we can help the children of Gaza to enjoy the coming Eid.

Dear reader, Do you want to see a smile on the children of Gaza? I am sure your answer is Yes. To achieve this, the Magazine would like support the initiative of Eid gift aid to 100 children and their families (more or less) depending on the funding being available. We are working with people

Randa Safieh: A Palestinian Talent in the UK

Randa Safieh has been a Secondary Music teacher in London comprehensive schools since 2008. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Music from Kingston University, specialising in ethnomusicology. She later completed a Master’s degree in Music and Culture at Roehampton University, focusing on cultural theory, politics and ethnomusicology. Randa is a member of the academic research

Jerusalem Falafel in London

Yousef Al-Helou reported this amazing Palestinian corner shop that sells Falafel outside Sheperd’s Bush Tube Station west of London in the UK. It is worth mentioning that Falafel sandwiches are tasty and famous all around the world. The owner of this Sanwiches corner shop is from Gaza in Palestine. He is trying to promote the