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Palestine Food: Fatayer Zaatar made by Nahed Alfar

By Nahed Alfar, South Wales, UK

?? It’s the simple things in life ??I am taking my time nowadays to enjoy mother nature, to reflect and rejuvenate. Staying at home is not too bad after all. Today’s brunch was the simplest of the Palestinian cuisine yet the best! We took advantage of the lovely weather to enjoy the sun and this divine Zaatar bread (Fatayer Zaatar) It is prepared from unleavened dough ( from my sourdough discard) mixed with plenty of fresh oregano,sumac, onions, and loads of the exceptional Zaytoun’s extra virgin olive oil @zaytoun_cic. After baking them for a few minutes in the oven, I ended up with beautiful flaky breads with tangy earthy tones. It really is a beyond scrumptious food. It never fails to impress me. We had them with my homemade pickles and olives. What a glorious meal to be enjoyed outdoors!.