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Colonel Ali A. Amleh, provides distinguished Medical and Social Services for Palestine Police.

By Editor in Chief Kaied Ghiyatha

Our guest today is from Palestine Police, he is Colonel Ali A. Amleh. He works as a Director of the Medical and Social Services Unit in the POLICE Sector, helps Police staff and their families to get the necessary health care, including medications and treatments, in addition to psychological care that will lead to raising the morale and raising the level of job performance of the staff psychologically, functionally and socially.

The Medical and Social Services Unit takes the necessary measures to organize and manage professional work, and it is committed to achieve the principle of confidentiality, as it is related to health, psychological and social matters for patients and their families.

We also prepares reports for the work supported by statistics, and this unit has departments in the provincial police directorates to facilitate the affairs of police officers, and to achieve convergence based on mutual respect between the police man and the citizen.

He also worked on establishing a medical network for the police in cooperation with the different medical center affiliated with the private sector, such as hospitals, laboratories, radiology centers and pharmacies, in addition to doctors on their various specializations, distributed in various governorates with the aim of helping the police and citizens in need to obtain a comprehensive medical service at low prices up to 50 % saving from treatments or from the total treatment bill.

The Medical Services Unit has adopted modernity in its work to ensure the quality of work and the work culture and the services it provides have become an integral part of institutional work, and focus on the need to pay attention to human resources.