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The Ember of Time

Is it the ember of  time that’s forcibly melted in us? or the trick of mirrors between reality and imagination?

With my both hands I feel your absence… exactly the same I feel my body

You once said “I will vanish behind the curtains of dreams” At that time…we didn’ believe you.. and we mocked you when you were scattering the rosary of time.. bead  by bead But we didn’t know we were counting time after you… to fill the bottles of our red wine with your blood… so that they will drink the toast of defeat

A fearful dream to us you were… so we connived with the night… just as words connived with absence ~ reckless absence.. in a recklace homeland.. in a land looted by soldiers sharing spoils with ladies of the night… and in the morning.. measuring graves to fit our bodies… following up the news bulletin whilst building up houses and settlements

Nay ! I will never lament you… ’cause  elegies  do not suit you

Nay .. NEVER will I lament you… since all your belongings keep calling out to you

By Poet Amal Gazal