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I am what I am

I am what I am, my roots, the truth, I proudly stand.

Arabic flows from my tongue,I am who I am, my identity unsung.

I cannot conceal my mother tongue,I learnt different ones. English, Farsi I speak.

In my veins, Palestine runs deep, accept me as I am, let prejudice sleep.

My name is Shahd, Arabic in essence, a reflection of who I am, no pretense.

I may surprise with my unique frame, appearing unknown, yet my heart’s aflame.

European or Mediterranean, you may think, but a humanitarian is what I truly link.Embrace my name, my heritage, my verse, let peace prevail, and your understanding disperse.

Look beyond what meets the eye,

Seek to comprehend, before you imply.

For I am a human, just like you,

In unity and acceptance, just accept me as I am.

Words of Shahd Mahnavi