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Is it fair?

By Shahd Mahnavi

Is it fair?

Tell me now, is it fair?

With all the advancements in technology and evolving mentality, laws claiming to uplift humanity, yet my people remain trapped in the year 1948, when the occupation began, stuck in a broken Time Machine, constantly traveling back to oppression and injustice.

Tell me, how can it be fair when our voices are silenced?

In a world that preaches justice for all, where he can be she and she can be he, my people simply don’t have the rights to be.

Tell me, where is the fairness?

In a world filled with AI and innovation,Where my people cannot hold their heads up high. Caught in a web of inequality and frustration, we’re left wondering why?

Just let my people celebrate one article of the universal declaration of human rights,my people claim not even one, denied the basic rights that others freely pursue. No right to life, liberty, or security, No right to, dignity, or identity.

Tell me, is it fair?

Where they stripped away my status as a resident of my own birthplace, simply because I moved away to seek liberty on UK’s shore.

I dare you to meet my gaze, unafraid to speak my mind, In the depths of my soul, a story you’ll find.Innocent souls, my Palestinian people, huddled in corners of despair, afraid to make a move, burdened by the weight they bear.

They fear shattering their spirits, fragile and worn, In a world that seems deaf to the cries for reform. So I ask you, if you walked in their shoes, would compassion ignite, or would you simply ignore?