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Akrat – A Luxury Arab Jewelry Brand


Akrat, a luxury jewelry brand that takes its inspiration from the Eastern civilization, calligraphy designs highlighting poetry and love expressions.

This brand designed by the jewelry designer, Enas Younis. Enas won the award “the best Arab jewelry designer for the year 2020” where the ceremony was held in London in December 2020.

Akrat is a tribute to the eternal love of original art and crafts and the embodiment of a dream by making precious pieces of jewelry and pieces of art that immortalize a cultural heritage and carry deep and influential meaning.

Each piece of jewelry has its own story that tells and carries the memories and personality of those who wear them in the most beautiful artistic images.

The Jewelry pieces are always inspired by decorations of the fragrant history or from influential phrases of great writers, supported in manufacturing by the most skilled craftsmen, through the use of the best materials, such as gold, diamonds and precious stones.The essence of Akrat is making prestigious and full of life pieces of jewelry reminiscent of the moments of brilliance in life, lasting forever, making those who wear them proud to pass on them to their children and loved ones after them.

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