Palestinians denounce Mahmoud Abbas’s speech about the Holocaust, renewing debate over his ‘draconian’ rule

In a speech to Fatah party members, Abbas suggested that European Jews are not Semites, unlike Jews of the Middle East. He also said that the role of Jews in society as “usurers” was a reason behind the persecution of Jews in Europe. Widespread condemnation followed Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas‘s comments in which he suggested

‘Accusing Israel of apartheid is not anti-Semitic’: Holocaust historian

Amos Goldberg, a leading professor of the Holocaust at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, has published a scathing retort saying that describing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians as “apartheid” is not anti-Semitic, in a guest post in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). Felix Klein, Germany’s commissioner for Jewish Life and the Fight Against Anti-Semitism, said using “apartheid” in such

Democratic leadership backs Ilhan Omar amid primary threat from pro-Israel groups

House minority leader Hakeem Jeffries, an Aipac ally, said he ‘vigorously endorses’ Omar’s re-election In statements given to Politico, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Minority Whip Katherine Clark and other top Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and Jim Clyburn all stated their support for the progressive lawmaker from Minneapolis. “[Representative] Omar has been elected by her constituents

Israel’s Ben Gvir hails ‘sacred’ demolition of Palestinian homes in Negev

Far-right minister taunts Palestinian citizens of Israel while their homes are being demolished Israel‘s National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir and Housing Minister Yitzhak Goldknopf cheered on the demolition of houses in a Palestinian Bedouin village, as they oversaw the operation on Tuesday.   Ben Gvir praised Israeli authorities for their “sacred work” in demolishing the homes belonging

Papua New Guinea to Open Embassy in Jerusalem Next Week

Papua New Guinea will open its embassy in Jerusalem next week during a visit to Israel by the country’s Prime Minister James Marape, Israeli media reported on Monday. Israel’s Channel 14, among others, reported that the inauguration of the embassy would take place on September 5. Anadolu quoted Challen 14 as saying that “Israel

US opposes disclosure of Libya-Israel meeting, says it ‘kills’ normalisation efforts: Report

Libyan Foreign Minister Najla al-Mangoush, who met with Israeli counterpart, fled to Turkey after being dismissed amid security fears The United States complained to the Israeli government this weekend about Foreign Minister Eli Cohen’s decision to publicly reveal a secret meeting with his Libyan counterpart, Axios reported on Monday, citing Israeli and US officials. Libyan Foreign Minister Najla al-Mangoush met with Israel’s Cohen

Why was Libya FM Najla Mangoush fired? Has she fled to Turkey?

Libyan Foreign Minister Najla Mangoush’s meeting with her Israeli counterpart Eli Cohen has caused outrage in the North African nation. Libya’s Tripoli-based prime minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, sacked the country’s foreign minister, Najla Mangoush, on Monday in an effort to contain growing outrage over her meeting with her Israeli counterpart last week, which prompted protests overnight


The recent classes in a Palestinian Refugee Camp in Ain Al-Helwa in Southern Lebanon has resulted in many families been displaced. They were taking shelters in nearby mosques or relatives’ homes. Viva Palestina Malaysia was requested to provide emergency relief to these families. We agreed to provide the following items: 250 sets of freshly cooked