Art, Literature and Poetry

Autumn is a beautiful month

By Hafiza Ibrahim

Outside our small safe place |I hear wind whisper Thick grey Clouds hug the sun And rub its soft aurora Trees cry out their leaves which descend Like a reed shaken by the wind Trickles of rain mist the windowpane… Wind blows golden leaves And spins them and spreads them inside my house I touched a yellow leaf Coiled and crisped in my hand Curled like a child’s ringlet I smooth its fine creases… I open the door and walk out Seeking another way of seeing things in depth I stare at a mystery Through heaven’s golden gate!! The echoed colour of chestnut Confuses the eyes Damp smell fills the air Yet defined, sweet and earthy, Manifest of its secret perfection… I went back on time of life sequence memories started pouring out warm and loving moments My brown eyes filled with glee Admiration filled my soul… Autumn the pride of all seasons Never the less, luxuriously romantic…