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Israeli soldier filmed burning Quran in Gaza

A still from a social media video shows an Israeli soldier burning a Quran (X)

Social media footage shows the soldier throwing pages of the Muslim holy book into a fire inside a bombed-out mosque

A video published on social media appears to show an Israeli soldier standing in the ruins of a mosque in Gaza, throwing pages of the Quran into a fire. 

According to the Israeli broadcaster Kan, the soldier posted the footage on his Instagram account. The incident was condemned by Israeli military police, who said they were investigating.

“The soldier’s behaviour is not in line with the IDF’s values,” the Israeli army said in a statement.

“The IDF respects all religions and condemns such behaviour. An IDF investigation has been opened regarding the incident.”

Since the beginning of the war in Gaza on 7 October, which has resulted in more than 35,000 people killed and vast swathes of the enclave ruined, there have been multiple incidents of apparent religious sectarianism carried out by Israeli soldiers.

The authorities in Gaza said in March thatĀ Israeli attacks had completely destroyed 223 mosques and partially destroyed another 289.

Many of the mosques that were destroyed are among the oldest in the region. TheĀ Omari Mosque, destroyed in December, was first constructed in the seventh century.