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Prickly Pears 🌵

By Nahed Alfar – South Wales. UK

One of the treasures of the land of Palestine. The plant itself is rugged, versatile and uniquely pretty while its fruit are delicate and succulent! In Arabic, they’re called Sabr صبر which means patience; a core value held by the people there. It describes their resilience and adaptation since 1948.

To me, this flavoursome succulent fruit is a taste of home. It immediately brings me back to a different time and place, to my grandparents’ conversations about their city of Al Lydd, known for its cultivation of this amazingly strong plant that survives the hardest of conditions. This perfectly resembles them.

I always think that the multi-coloured varieties of the cactus fruit, with their different level of sweetness and texture, is very much like the vibrant identities of our people there. Their beautiful diversity and integration bring a sense of togetherness and says “ we are in this together”.

Enjoying every bite of these gorgeous fruit, does not only nourishes my body but my soul too! 🌺🌵