Clare Holohan

Clare has more than 10 years experience of teaching and consultancy both in the Middle East and in Ireland. Clare is currently working as an Academic Adviser for the Ministry of Higher Education based in Dublin. Clare previously worked as the International Advocacy Officer for the UNRWA Community Mental Health Programme based in Gaza as

Imtithal Elnajjar

Imtithal Elnajjar, a writer, journalist and activist in the Palestinian and Arab issues, in particular; Women Rights. Imtithal is also a member of the Feminist Party in Norway. Volunteer and participant in a number of charitable organisations. Imtithal is based in Oslo, Norway.

Hafiza Ibrahim

Hafiza Ibrahim has a BA degree in Education, Social and Cultural Studies and a degree in creative writing. She is a great Poet, Community Social Development activitist. Advocate for Women Rights. Palestinian Refugee. Hafiza lives in London UK.

Nahed Alfar

Nahed Alfar, specialist Chef of Palestine Cuisine. Nahed hold a degree in English literature and Politics. Also a Master degree in English Linguistics and Communucation. She works as a freelance Translator and for the British Government. She has experience in finance and Banking. Nahed is the main Editor of her Facebook and Instagram page Cooking.journey.