Akrat – A Luxury Arab Jewelry Brand

AKRAT BREIF Akrat, a luxury jewelry brand that takes its inspiration from the Eastern civilization, calligraphy designs highlighting poetry and love expressions. This brand designed by the jewelry designer, Enas Younis. Enas won the award “the best Arab jewelry designer for the year 2020” where the ceremony was held in London in December 2020. Akrat

Is it fair?

By Shahd Mahnavi Is it fair? Tell me now, is it fair? With all the advancements in technology and evolving mentality, laws claiming to uplift humanity, yet my people remain trapped in the year 1948, when the occupation began, stuck in a broken Time Machine, constantly traveling back to oppression and injustice. Tell me, how

I am what I am

I am what I am, my roots, the truth, I proudly stand. Arabic flows from my tongue,I am who I am, my identity unsung. I cannot conceal my mother tongue,I learnt different ones. English, Farsi I speak. In my veins, Palestine runs deep, accept me as I am, let prejudice sleep. My name is Shahd,

The Ember of Time

Is it the ember of  time that’s forcibly melted in us? or the trick of mirrors between reality and imagination? With my both hands I feel your absence… exactly the same I feel my body You once said “I will vanish behind the curtains of dreams” At that time…we didn’ believe you.. and we mocked you

Another Gold medal for the Taekwando Champion “Noor Alswaitti” at the British International Open Taekwando Competition 2019.

Chief Editor, Kaied Ghiyatha – London UK; Sunday 14th July 2019, Noor Alswaitti, Taekwondo champion of Palestinian/ Portuguese origin continue to excel and won another Gold medal today at the British International Open Taekwondo Competition. Noor displayed an excellent performance during this competition. He finished at the top for his age group and won a

Noor Alswaitti – Palestinian Taekwondo champion won a Silver medal at the London Kixstar Open Championship

Chief Editor, Kaied Ghiyatha – London UK Saturday 29th June 2019, Noor Alswaitti, Taekwondo champion who is British from a Palestinian origin participated in the London Kixstar Open Taekwondo Competition and gave an excellent display. Noor played for his club, Superiors Taekwondo club and fought a number of players. He qualified and reached the final.

War on Gaza: Children sleep in chicken cages in Rafah as families grow desperate to find shelter

Finding shelter in the Gaza Strip, whether in a basic tent on the street or in an overcrowded classroom, has become a luxury for hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians. Israel‘s offensive has rendered Gaza almost uninhabitable in just four months. The Israeli army has destroyed or damaged more than half of the buildings in Gaza and continues to steadily shrink safe or liveable

War on Gaza: Families of captives travel to the Hague to urge Hamas ICC investigation

Relatives of those captured by Hamas say they hope probe could lead to arrest of group’s leadership abroad A group of Israelis whose relatives are being held captive by Hamas in Gaza have travelled to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague to file a complaint against the Palestinian group. The delegation, organised by the Hostages and Missing

Is Israel systematically targeting Gaza’s scientists, scholars and doctors?

Israel is deliberately eliminating top scientists, doctors and academics in Gaza, the loss of whom will leave an incalculable impact on Palestinian society in Gaza. They are especially targeting those qualified in rare specialisms who have left a gaping hole behind them, which will be extremely difficult to fill. Repeated Israeli threats didn’t deter renowned Palestinian writer, poet,